Thursday, April 28, 2016

So the old saying of time flies when you're having fun isn't just a saying in my life apparently. It is literal in many ways. I see now that it has been over 3 years since I have written. And possibly why my stress level is also higher. I have found, much like Oprah told all years ago writing (or journal-ing) calm my nerves and let me "get it all out" so it doesn't fester and rot. Well guess what, been rotting a little and need to get it out before it rots and starts to sink up the joint.

So where to start. The past few years since my last entry have been kind of a blur. I ended up deciding to get my "quick" teaching license. Okay, so you are all like what the heck is a quick teaching licence. Well, since I have a 4-year degree, I was able to get a special license that allows me to teach, BUT only up to so many days in 1 classroom at a time, but I can float between different classes, schools, whatever, every day to my heart's content if I want. This is a plus in many ways. I can't commit to a longer assignment without a variance from the State of MN, but it is also a minus in that I cannot sub in one classroom for a long-term assignment without a variance from the State. Well I found out last year, after lots of kindly asking from Administration and soul searching if I wanted to take on a classroom during a maternity leave, that it isn't that hard to get a variance so it works out in the end.

The longer you are around a building and a group of teachers, the more they get to know you and how you work and then the more "jobs" you an get even before it goes into the computer automated substitute system (Aesop in the sub world). So there are many months that I can almost work full-time if I want. But you also have to gauge things like if you need a little extra income in September or June, they usually don't take time off in those months.

So that has been my "job" life the past few years, subbing in mainly elementary classes. I also tend to do a lot of Special Education settings, which I seem to have a knack for (or at least they think I do because they keep calling). I have found a new appreciation and admiration for Kindergarten teachers. That is a tough gig with a LOT of one-on-one attention needed ALL DAY from 18+ kids as once. I know now that I could not do that grade on a daily basis! My love has been in Special Ed and then like grades 4th and 5th.  Those older elementary grades are finally able to have expressions and be involved and engaged a lot more in the teaching activities and it is more of a back-and-forth then feel like you're just up there talking and lecturing like with the younger ages. And, they haven't quite got to the sassy self-expression part of more middle school ages seem to be. I haven't dabbled in high school age,...yet, a little afraid they they will know a heck of a lot more than me of whatever subject it is!

Then there's my kids. They are rowing faster than I want of course. And you hear that all the time about time flying and you blink and they're grown. Well, sadly it is all true! I can't believe that next year I will have a senior, 8th grader and 6th grader. Seems like yesterday I was trying to chase a toddler while holding a baby and trying to get a school-ager off and ready for her day! They have all grown into their own special and very unique people. Each very head-strong and determined (not sure where they get that, yes, that is sarcasm again), and of course every parent hope of high self-esteem continuing to blossom as well. I love running all-levers forward chasing them from sport to sport to school activity and back home to do it all over the next day. They all do so good in school that I can't believe how lucky I am! We rarely fight about homework or school and after some days where I have to struggle with students at work, I come home and thank God above at how lucky I am.

So enough about me, me. Now on to the other me, me. The Pilot's Wife me. The road has been a long and very up and down one the past 12 years of this life I have lived.  But the landing lights have finally brightened at the end of the runway (also know as the light at the end of the tunnel for you non-pilot people). My hubby FINALLY got the call to go up the the majors! Even though that in itself was a stressful and crazy wait, due to the "pilot shortage" at his now previous airline, and the fact the current airline "owns" the other, he had to wit almost a full year to go to class and switch companies! They kept saying they couldn't afford to let him go just yet, but luckily there was a contract in place that they could only keep him so long, but man did they wait until the last possible moment to release him! Having that said, it has so far been a crazy and sometimes very stressful ride,

Check back later for the next installment of "Finally at the Majors!"