Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well here I am on New Year's and, of course, he's flying but the funny thing is, it's no big deal. My daughter is up at the cabin with her uncle and cousin having a new Year's party and me and the boys are just hanging tonight. I started the day going to a funeral for a friend I went to High School with, WAY to young to be taken from us so my mood wasn't really in a party type mood anyway.
Having small children I would have most likely been coming home around 10 p.m. at the latest anyway as my 4-year old wouldn't be able to last much later, and that's not fair to him just because I want to stay out late. We have also been invited to a Friday New Year's luncheon/BBQ tomorrow so we'll still get to party.
Well, off to cuddle with my boys and watch "Night at the Museum"...Happy and safe New Year to all!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Crazy has Begun

First on many Christmas gatherings, of which he was flying for today's. Though I know he'd like to make each and everything we know it's the nature of the beast. I keep reminding him that of the days he isn't working he gets ALL DAY at home with his family and not having to go into an office and just get home in time to eat and put the kids to bed. As I reflect on these days I truly think that we get along as well as we do because we truly treasure the times he is home more so than we might if he were home every day.
Tomorrow is his work's Christmas Party, he is again on-call so we'll see if he's a able to attend. We will still go even if he can't because they asked for ages and numbers of kids earlier for ahead count so they will each get a little "present." Plus, I am trying to teach them that even though dad can't be with us for everything, we still need to participate in things as he'd want us to enjoy ourselves.
Though today was a little frustrating with his schedule as he had a long duty day, but 3 hours of sitting in MSP in between flights. Had we not been at a family Christmas luncheon we would have gone and got him and at least went out to lunch or something so he wasn't sitting there twiddling his thumbs! Though there is a computer and T.V. in the crew room, I imagine it gets boring after awhile, I know I would.
It is also refreshing to remind him that hes not the only one with a whacky schedule as at today's gathering we were trying to find a time for the immediate family on my mom's side to get together and with 2 family members working in the medical field, there's is just as bad around holidays too! And my little brother (he's 33 but still my "little" brother) works for Schwann's so he works all the time too as if he doesn't sell, he doesn't get paid!
Well, time to go and watch "Rudolph" and "The Polar Express" with my kids! Have a good night all!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tree Day!

Well, today we had decided to try and got to the tree farm and cut down the tree. He started call at 10a so we figured to be safe let's be there right as they open (9:30a) just in case. Well, luckily he didn't get called in because it did take us an hour and a half to find it. We were being picky this year because of where I want to put it, it had to be tall and skinny! But just as the kids were getting bored and restless, we ran into several families that had their dogs with and that saved us. They were petting and playing with them...really made me wish we had the money to finish the yard and house faster so we can get a dog again! But, after all that we did get the most perfect tree for the spot!
We were able to get the tree in the house and he even helped get things set up for my Premier Jewelry party, played with the kids for awhile during the party but then, yes, he did get called in. So we'll see if it just ends up being an over night-er like he was called for or stretched out 'cause once they got him in there grasp you never know! Sucks too because I have the chills tonight so I am even pulling out the big old ugly long-sleeved-flannely-nightgown. Very NOT attractive!
So hopefully he'll be home at a decent time tomorrow so we can decorate our perfect tree! There's always hoping right!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday - Round 2 (a.k.a. Christmas)

Well finally got his December schedule and of course since he is "low man" he is on reserve yet again. But hey, we got lucky and he didn't get called in over Thanksgiving so maybe we'll be lucky again. Our kids don't get too upset anymore. They are so used to it and they love getting to have more than one Christmas. We usually end up celebrating with family that's close and then again when daddy is home.
Next to Halloween, this is my favorite holiday for decorating. Monday and Tuesday the hubby and I put up all the lights on the house. He is such a sweetie too because he knows how much I love putting up lights all over so he piped some outlets under the deck so that I can run lights up and around the railings and have all my little lit Christmas trees on the gazebo. And then run the "big balls" (he he) hanging from under the deck. Today I finished all the the indoor decorating (at least what I have, who knows what shopping excursion might bring a new piece to add to the collection!).
I also wanted to get the house looking "just so" form my Premier Design Jewelry party this Saturday. The bummer about this new house though, we don't have all the nitches that we had in the Memphis house for putting all my decorating stuff, but I made do and I think it looks awesome. It will be a lot nicer when we get the basement finished and I can get the big TV and cabinet out of the living room. We are going to get the tree this Saturday, or at least try to. Charlie is on call so hopefully we'll be able to go. There is a cute tree farm we went to last year where you cut your own tree down and then they have hot cider, cookies and all the other fun stuff like that. Can't wait for the smell of Christmas so finish off all the decorating!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep

So here we are the day before Thanksgiving. We wanted to go to D.C. and visit grandpa but as usual the flights are way too full and we'd get stuck in non-rev hell if we try. I guess that's a double edge sword because as far as my husband's job goes it's good they're full, but it would be nice to fly when and where we wanted to a little easier, like in the "olden days" of more flights and less kids in tow. ;)

But luckily we are once again living in the state where the majority of our families are so it's not that we have a lack of things to do. Stopping by each of our mother's houses on Thursday, deciding if we want to stay in town (we live a little out of the city) and hit the malls for stupid crazy early sales and leave the kids with his mom, go to my nieces hockey tournament and hook up with my dad for dinner on Friday and then up to the cabin for the weekend since he actually has the weekend (and Monday) off, which is only because Thanksgiving falls during the week since he is still low man on the seniority list of this airplane and base. But, that is one of the many things you get used to in this pilot's wife lifestyle.

We have only lived back in our home state for about a year and a half. We are about 45 min away from the airport and most of our family and friends. The kids, of course, have found friends fast and easy with school and activities but it is harder for my husband and myself to do that. Since his "office" is not here and I don't work outside the home adult contact to meet people is more limited. So to try and meet more "guys to hang with" my husband has decided to try out for the volunteer fire department (whoo hoo! two uniforms to drool He passed the physical test last week and they will begin interviewing after Thanksgiving. He told me he had to laugh when the chief was giving his speech about making sure the wife/girlfriend was on board with this because there is quite a training program that the city taxes pays for and overall this could mean missing holidays, birthdays and family time in general. He said he knew my comment would be "what else is new? that's normal life around here!" Though I think it will be good for him. Funny thing is at the testing, he found out one of his F/O's lives here too and must be close to us as you have to be within 4 miles of the firehouse in order to qualify, so the world is indeed a small place!

But to all of you here's hoping your Thanksgiving holiday is full of fun, laughter, great food and good company!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogging 101

Well here I am adding to my already long list of "on the computer too much already" stuff and adding a blog to my resume. I have been writing my own little memoir for awhile and even forwarded some of it to Oprah once, obviously she (or her staff actually) didn't see it worthy enough to be used on the show. Go figure! So now I have to figure when and what to write on every day.

Since we are coming up to the holidays I guess I will focus on that now. The holidays and being the wife of a pilot. Funny things is, for those of us who lie this life the holidays aren't always really much different than most other days. They are either home to join in or they are not. When we were first starting out on the great journey of life I will have to admit I felt guilty and didn't always make plans because I wasn't sure if he would be able to come. Then I came to my senses and realized if I did that then the kids and I wouldn't ever do anything either. So here was come upon Thanksgiving and, as usual, he is on call (or on reserve for those who want the "real" aviation terminology). We (meaning the kids and I) were going to try and go out to D.C. and visit with my husband's father, but as usual, we can't non-rev as the flights are all too full and can't afford to buy four tickets so we are not going to make it out there. Nice thing is though now that we've moved back to our hometown we still have lot's of family here to spend time with.

That's when I could get into that debate with people who give me crap saying things like "well you get to fly for free" to which I respond with, "yes, we can, but we can't always get on the flight we want. Then that means either giving up and going back home or sitting at the terminal for sometimes hours waiting for one we can get one...with three kids 10 and under...not fun. Then when we can get on all of our seats are usually spread all over the plane and my children are still too young to be too far away from my view so we then have to take time to ask people to move around. Sometimes they are nice about it but many times the sigh and roll their eyes."

Non-reving. That in itself could be it's own book. Funny things is I find that when my husband meets us on the flight from work (i.e. in uniform) people are always a lot nicer and more cooperative about switching seats. So I guess that's a good thing because that means the uniform still has some respect anyway. Funny story with that for another time. So that's all for today and hopefully I'll remember I have this! haha