Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Does PMS come with Age?

OK ladies. I have never had what most would consider PMS ever, until now...I think. Either that or I am just getting tired and bitchy in my old age. I am creeping upon the big 4-0 soon and don't like some of the crap my body is going through these days. First of all before my period starts I at times feel like I am either getting a bad cold or even the flu, and don't even get me started about breaking out! I am breaking out more now than I did as a teenager! This totally bites because it is on my chest and back, areas that are hard for me to reach to put any meds or anything on of course, and not to mention going to the dermo and getting meds is extremely expensive!
So now on to the bleeding levels. I am so surprised that I do not get anemic on those first two days. Most nights I have to get up 2,3 and even 4 times a night so that my bed doesn't look like a crime scene! Talk about feeling so far away from sexy! Then there's the beloved clots that look like I an giving birth to an alien child...all I can say is gross. This is the crap that my mother never talked about, but I am gathering she didn't have any of these issues since she sounds sympathetic and not empathetic when we talk. Of course she had to have a hysterectomy after having me so that could explain it too.
So now I am to the point , and age, in my life where I am sick of this crap and am finally talking to my doctor. We tried going back on the pill, which sucked because my tubes are tied so there so no real reason for taking it. Amoung all the vitamins and other crap I have to remember every day already. That didn't solve it so now we;re getting ready for plan B. Ablasion (basically much like a DNC) stay tuned for outcome. If this doesn't work then my next option is a hysterectomy, which I don't want to have. I am already having a heck of a time getting my stomach back in shaoe and my youngest is now 4! Ugh!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now a Fire Widow too!

Fire training has started tonight. It will be 2 nights a week for the next 4 months. Ugh! At least this is a set schedule and not the usual fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants schedule that I usually have to live with. But it's all good as thus has really helped him meet some guys in our new neighborhood now that, because of his "real" job, hasn't had time to do. Nice thing for me is most of them are also married so that automatically gets me a few more women friends with common interests as with all my pilot wives!
The more I think this through there a re a lot of different advantages for me with this new fire job too. Besides meeting the wives, several of the firemen are also police in our city and a couple are county sheriffs so I have that little security blanket (literally) and there is now 30 men I can get to know better and call on for assistance is something catastrophically goes wrong with the house while he's on a trip, which all of us pilot wives know that is an inevitable thing...something always happens at least once a year!
The kids are already used to him being gone and they are getting kick out of knowing what's going on around the city before everyone else knows. Of course the joke in the fire hall is that our kids best not do anything "bad" in town or else their dad WILL find out about it because of what he does now. One of the other dads jokingly told us that he told his kids they better go at least two counties over if they plan on being delinquents. I thought that was good humor!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Bachelor...hahahaha

I have to laugh when I see the women that drool over the men in this show. I really have to wonder that, at least in the case of this season, if the women really know what they are getting into. There is a big misconception that people still seem too have about this "glamorous" life that people think pilot's (and their wives) lead. They spend hours trudging through different airports, sitting for hours in hotels all the while their families have to go on with their lives like they aren't really a part of it yet at the same time a HUGE part of it. (Wrap your brain around that for awhile).
Being a pilot's wife has so many double edge swords attached to the title that it would make your head spin! You do get to still have a lot of freedom and time for yourself, yet you get lonely and miss them and sometimes resent being married to someone that you don't see for days at a time that makes you "feel" single. Then there is the inevitable time when something at the house or with you goes terribly wrong and then you are quietly cursing them because they are not around to help, yell at or do anything about whatever it is. All things from always mowing the lawn or shoveling; to a stopped up sink or frozen pipes; to having everyone in the house including yourself having the flu...those times are hard when trying to be mom and dad.
Then there is the times that you realize that all that time away from each other and dealing with all that crap you have to deal with makes you truly cherish them a lot more when they are home. Though we all secretly joke about that when they do end up retiring, we'll drive each other in sane because we are so used to them being gone that when they are home for long stretches, we're not used to it! Though through it all we truly love them and are happy they love what they do!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year and a New Time Commitment

We have now officially been into the new year for 10 days now. My husband has now also officially joined the ranks of the volunteer fire department here in our town. This is a great thing for him though because it is getting him involved in our community and getting him to meet "guys" close to us that he can now hang with and get to know. It's hard when you have a job like his that is basically all over the country so your friends get spread out in the same manner. It will be a little bit of ab adjustment this first year as there is a lot of training he has to go through but we'll make it work, we always do! The kids get a kick out of it though and admittedly get a little saucy now that they can say their daddy is a pilot AND a fireman! I like the two uniforms myself! ;)
This year though there has already been over nine fire calls, most have been quick CO calls but today one of the kids decided they wanted to light a fire in the boys bathroom at the Middle School so made for an interesting morning as the kids were getting ready to go catch the bus and his pager goes off...I'm sure the talk at the bus stop was interesting (even though we told them not to make a big deal out of it and that it was probably just a false know kids).
We were invited to go to the Christmas party this past weekend and he was actually off se we went and got to meet all the current and retired firemen and their wives so that was nice, though I can only remeber about 5 or so names! It worked out good to as it was ourr 11th Anniversary that same night so my mom came up and hung out with the kids while we went out. We don't get to do that alot as we don't have a sitter here (and I refuse to pay to have someone watch my kids ;) and grandma is just far enough away that I wouldn't call just for a dinner date.
Now I ztill have to figure out what i want to obe when I grow up. Though I still have 2 years before my youngest is in school full-time. I know the time will fly nby and I know I don't want to go back into Insurance marketing so hmmmmm....what to do!