Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogging 101

Well here I am adding to my already long list of "on the computer too much already" stuff and adding a blog to my resume. I have been writing my own little memoir for awhile and even forwarded some of it to Oprah once, obviously she (or her staff actually) didn't see it worthy enough to be used on the show. Go figure! So now I have to figure when and what to write on every day.

Since we are coming up to the holidays I guess I will focus on that now. The holidays and being the wife of a pilot. Funny things is, for those of us who lie this life the holidays aren't always really much different than most other days. They are either home to join in or they are not. When we were first starting out on the great journey of life I will have to admit I felt guilty and didn't always make plans because I wasn't sure if he would be able to come. Then I came to my senses and realized if I did that then the kids and I wouldn't ever do anything either. So here was come upon Thanksgiving and, as usual, he is on call (or on reserve for those who want the "real" aviation terminology). We (meaning the kids and I) were going to try and go out to D.C. and visit with my husband's father, but as usual, we can't non-rev as the flights are all too full and can't afford to buy four tickets so we are not going to make it out there. Nice thing is though now that we've moved back to our hometown we still have lot's of family here to spend time with.

That's when I could get into that debate with people who give me crap saying things like "well you get to fly for free" to which I respond with, "yes, we can, but we can't always get on the flight we want. Then that means either giving up and going back home or sitting at the terminal for sometimes hours waiting for one we can get one...with three kids 10 and under...not fun. Then when we can get on all of our seats are usually spread all over the plane and my children are still too young to be too far away from my view so we then have to take time to ask people to move around. Sometimes they are nice about it but many times the sigh and roll their eyes."

Non-reving. That in itself could be it's own book. Funny things is I find that when my husband meets us on the flight from work (i.e. in uniform) people are always a lot nicer and more cooperative about switching seats. So I guess that's a good thing because that means the uniform still has some respect anyway. Funny story with that for another time. So that's all for today and hopefully I'll remember I have this! haha

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  1. Sent writing in to oprah? Why? Do explain?? I have never heard of this before???
    Either nice point about the non-reving.

    Nice blog too!