Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep

So here we are the day before Thanksgiving. We wanted to go to D.C. and visit grandpa but as usual the flights are way too full and we'd get stuck in non-rev hell if we try. I guess that's a double edge sword because as far as my husband's job goes it's good they're full, but it would be nice to fly when and where we wanted to a little easier, like in the "olden days" of more flights and less kids in tow. ;)

But luckily we are once again living in the state where the majority of our families are so it's not that we have a lack of things to do. Stopping by each of our mother's houses on Thursday, deciding if we want to stay in town (we live a little out of the city) and hit the malls for stupid crazy early sales and leave the kids with his mom, go to my nieces hockey tournament and hook up with my dad for dinner on Friday and then up to the cabin for the weekend since he actually has the weekend (and Monday) off, which is only because Thanksgiving falls during the week since he is still low man on the seniority list of this airplane and base. But, that is one of the many things you get used to in this pilot's wife lifestyle.

We have only lived back in our home state for about a year and a half. We are about 45 min away from the airport and most of our family and friends. The kids, of course, have found friends fast and easy with school and activities but it is harder for my husband and myself to do that. Since his "office" is not here and I don't work outside the home adult contact to meet people is more limited. So to try and meet more "guys to hang with" my husband has decided to try out for the volunteer fire department (whoo hoo! two uniforms to drool He passed the physical test last week and they will begin interviewing after Thanksgiving. He told me he had to laugh when the chief was giving his speech about making sure the wife/girlfriend was on board with this because there is quite a training program that the city taxes pays for and overall this could mean missing holidays, birthdays and family time in general. He said he knew my comment would be "what else is new? that's normal life around here!" Though I think it will be good for him. Funny thing is at the testing, he found out one of his F/O's lives here too and must be close to us as you have to be within 4 miles of the firehouse in order to qualify, so the world is indeed a small place!

But to all of you here's hoping your Thanksgiving holiday is full of fun, laughter, great food and good company!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I'm thankful I've got my pilot for a few days this week....unlike the 4 day trip he has over Christmas...