Friday, August 6, 2010

Wow the time is just flying by this summer but in good way. I have been so busy this summer that I didn't even get any annuals planted and those with him in Chicago on one of his long lay-overs. that know my well are still shocked by this! I thought being married to a pilot was busy, add to that a fireman and whoa, you could keep yourself busy all the time. Of course I am one of those people that joins every group possible when confronted with something interesting so that could be part of it.

My hubby finally had a set schedule in July so I was able to plan a rendezvous Besides having mechanicals and getting stuck forever trying to get home it was so much fun. Getting to meet and hang out with his crew (who were all really nice and fun to be with, of course being the captains wife they may have been extra I finally got the taste the world famous Gino's Pizza and it was well worth the life-passing-before-my-eyes cab ride to get there. And you thought cabbies only drove crazy in the movies...ha!

My latest conquer is now starting (or re-starting) the fire auxiliary for my hubbies unit. This is really exciting for me because as a pilot's wife there's only so much you can be a part of but this, you can be right in the action without being right in the action so I am totally psyched. Plus I can now see first hand how it really works and once the kids are a little bigger I may just want to be a fire fighter too and show those boys a thing or two...I love doing that! ;0)

So we recently went around to the national night out parties and that was a lot of fun. Seeing all the kids faces light up when that bug fire truck pulls around the corner is priceless! And the police department is sponsoring a family fun night-out at the fire station so there will be all kinds of great stuff to do and me and my new camera will be going crazy! Get to dunk the chief in the dunk tank too (along with the hubby)...good times!

Hopefully I will get to return and post more frequently but only time will tell! Until then, peace and happiness to all!

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