Monday, May 17, 2010

Wow - where's the last few months go?

It seems like forever since I've added my two long that it is now probably almost up to a dime now!...It seems like every time I turn around things are getting busier, but that's what I seem to thrive on. I have joined the ranks of my local city's Park Board so that adds a few meetings and the like here and there on top of just running a household of 5 where one of the grown-ups is either gone at work for days at a time, helping friends or fighting fires, etc. But I wouldn't have it any other way...though it would be nice to have a few more dollars rolling in which is why I am now also on the prowl for a home-friendly part-time job so wish me luck!

May is just a blur already and it's almost half over. With all the family birthdays (even starting end of April with hubbies) 2 of my nieces, my mom, my step-dad, my sister-in-law, my daughter and even me turn another year older this month. Good thing we don't do a big gift exchange or I'd me more broke than at Christmas time! We have a family reunion (his dad's side) at the end of the month too but that's always a blast as his family is fun to hang around with. And we go up to the cabin and just chill for a long memorial weekend so it's perfect! This year the water may even be a little warmer with that hot April we had, though most didn't care last year and still went skiing and swimming, not me though, I need warm water in my old age!

We're getting more involved with the community/fire department stuff/school too and that feels really good to do something on that level. I think it teaches the kids some good values as well. They came and helped when we assisted the Lions with tearing down and re-building their park, which is down the road from our house so we utilize it anyway. I think they'll take more ownership it in now and help keep it nice, though as of now my kids don't seem to be, or haven't been, the vandalizing kind and they'd BETTER NOT EVER BE!

One note of personal frustration has been my weight, as usual for most women. I have been eating better and working out more regularly than ever the past few months and it is a little frustrating with how slow it's going, but I am, admittedly, impatient in many aspects so I know I have to just suck it up and keep plugging away. People have started to notice and the clothes are fitting better so it must be doing a little something - except that baby pouch may be my nemesis for a while to come, at least until I have that tummy tuck ;0)

Well off to enjoy this finally sunny string of days and as the weather continues I'll admittedly not be on as much for those pining away for the next story, I'll do my best!

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