Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday - Round 2 (a.k.a. Christmas)

Well finally got his December schedule and of course since he is "low man" he is on reserve yet again. But hey, we got lucky and he didn't get called in over Thanksgiving so maybe we'll be lucky again. Our kids don't get too upset anymore. They are so used to it and they love getting to have more than one Christmas. We usually end up celebrating with family that's close and then again when daddy is home.
Next to Halloween, this is my favorite holiday for decorating. Monday and Tuesday the hubby and I put up all the lights on the house. He is such a sweetie too because he knows how much I love putting up lights all over so he piped some outlets under the deck so that I can run lights up and around the railings and have all my little lit Christmas trees on the gazebo. And then run the "big balls" (he he) hanging from under the deck. Today I finished all the the indoor decorating (at least what I have, who knows what shopping excursion might bring a new piece to add to the collection!).
I also wanted to get the house looking "just so" form my Premier Design Jewelry party this Saturday. The bummer about this new house though, we don't have all the nitches that we had in the Memphis house for putting all my decorating stuff, but I made do and I think it looks awesome. It will be a lot nicer when we get the basement finished and I can get the big TV and cabinet out of the living room. We are going to get the tree this Saturday, or at least try to. Charlie is on call so hopefully we'll be able to go. There is a cute tree farm we went to last year where you cut your own tree down and then they have hot cider, cookies and all the other fun stuff like that. Can't wait for the smell of Christmas so finish off all the decorating!

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