Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Crazy has Begun

First on many Christmas gatherings, of which he was flying for today's. Though I know he'd like to make each and everything we know it's the nature of the beast. I keep reminding him that of the days he isn't working he gets ALL DAY at home with his family and not having to go into an office and just get home in time to eat and put the kids to bed. As I reflect on these days I truly think that we get along as well as we do because we truly treasure the times he is home more so than we might if he were home every day.
Tomorrow is his work's Christmas Party, he is again on-call so we'll see if he's a able to attend. We will still go even if he can't because they asked for ages and numbers of kids earlier for ahead count so they will each get a little "present." Plus, I am trying to teach them that even though dad can't be with us for everything, we still need to participate in things as he'd want us to enjoy ourselves.
Though today was a little frustrating with his schedule as he had a long duty day, but 3 hours of sitting in MSP in between flights. Had we not been at a family Christmas luncheon we would have gone and got him and at least went out to lunch or something so he wasn't sitting there twiddling his thumbs! Though there is a computer and T.V. in the crew room, I imagine it gets boring after awhile, I know I would.
It is also refreshing to remind him that hes not the only one with a whacky schedule as at today's gathering we were trying to find a time for the immediate family on my mom's side to get together and with 2 family members working in the medical field, there's is just as bad around holidays too! And my little brother (he's 33 but still my "little" brother) works for Schwann's so he works all the time too as if he doesn't sell, he doesn't get paid!
Well, time to go and watch "Rudolph" and "The Polar Express" with my kids! Have a good night all!

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