Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tree Day!

Well, today we had decided to try and got to the tree farm and cut down the tree. He started call at 10a so we figured to be safe let's be there right as they open (9:30a) just in case. Well, luckily he didn't get called in because it did take us an hour and a half to find it. We were being picky this year because of where I want to put it, it had to be tall and skinny! But just as the kids were getting bored and restless, we ran into several families that had their dogs with and that saved us. They were petting and playing with them...really made me wish we had the money to finish the yard and house faster so we can get a dog again! But, after all that we did get the most perfect tree for the spot!
We were able to get the tree in the house and he even helped get things set up for my Premier Jewelry party, played with the kids for awhile during the party but then, yes, he did get called in. So we'll see if it just ends up being an over night-er like he was called for or stretched out 'cause once they got him in there grasp you never know! Sucks too because I have the chills tonight so I am even pulling out the big old ugly long-sleeved-flannely-nightgown. Very NOT attractive!
So hopefully he'll be home at a decent time tomorrow so we can decorate our perfect tree! There's always hoping right!

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