Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Does PMS come with Age?

OK ladies. I have never had what most would consider PMS ever, until now...I think. Either that or I am just getting tired and bitchy in my old age. I am creeping upon the big 4-0 soon and don't like some of the crap my body is going through these days. First of all before my period starts I at times feel like I am either getting a bad cold or even the flu, and don't even get me started about breaking out! I am breaking out more now than I did as a teenager! This totally bites because it is on my chest and back, areas that are hard for me to reach to put any meds or anything on of course, and not to mention going to the dermo and getting meds is extremely expensive!
So now on to the bleeding levels. I am so surprised that I do not get anemic on those first two days. Most nights I have to get up 2,3 and even 4 times a night so that my bed doesn't look like a crime scene! Talk about feeling so far away from sexy! Then there's the beloved clots that look like I an giving birth to an alien child...all I can say is gross. This is the crap that my mother never talked about, but I am gathering she didn't have any of these issues since she sounds sympathetic and not empathetic when we talk. Of course she had to have a hysterectomy after having me so that could explain it too.
So now I am to the point , and age, in my life where I am sick of this crap and am finally talking to my doctor. We tried going back on the pill, which sucked because my tubes are tied so there so no real reason for taking it. Amoung all the vitamins and other crap I have to remember every day already. That didn't solve it so now we;re getting ready for plan B. Ablasion (basically much like a DNC) stay tuned for outcome. If this doesn't work then my next option is a hysterectomy, which I don't want to have. I am already having a heck of a time getting my stomach back in shaoe and my youngest is now 4! Ugh!

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