Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Bachelor...hahahaha

I have to laugh when I see the women that drool over the men in this show. I really have to wonder that, at least in the case of this season, if the women really know what they are getting into. There is a big misconception that people still seem too have about this "glamorous" life that people think pilot's (and their wives) lead. They spend hours trudging through different airports, sitting for hours in hotels all the while their families have to go on with their lives like they aren't really a part of it yet at the same time a HUGE part of it. (Wrap your brain around that for awhile).
Being a pilot's wife has so many double edge swords attached to the title that it would make your head spin! You do get to still have a lot of freedom and time for yourself, yet you get lonely and miss them and sometimes resent being married to someone that you don't see for days at a time that makes you "feel" single. Then there is the inevitable time when something at the house or with you goes terribly wrong and then you are quietly cursing them because they are not around to help, yell at or do anything about whatever it is. All things from always mowing the lawn or shoveling; to a stopped up sink or frozen pipes; to having everyone in the house including yourself having the flu...those times are hard when trying to be mom and dad.
Then there is the times that you realize that all that time away from each other and dealing with all that crap you have to deal with makes you truly cherish them a lot more when they are home. Though we all secretly joke about that when they do end up retiring, we'll drive each other in sane because we are so used to them being gone that when they are home for long stretches, we're not used to it! Though through it all we truly love them and are happy they love what they do!


  1. I'm not sure if you caught my similar post, either on my blog or on Pilot Wives Club. These poor floozies don't know what they're getting into!

  2. I know - they all think their lives are going to be magical vacations/trips and luxury....hahaha

  3. Its true, but in the end, I sit there and think if my pilot was the bachelor, and I was one of the girls but already knew how life would be, I would love him anyways. Getting myself into something or not... Would any of us do it differently? LOL