Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year and a New Time Commitment

We have now officially been into the new year for 10 days now. My husband has now also officially joined the ranks of the volunteer fire department here in our town. This is a great thing for him though because it is getting him involved in our community and getting him to meet "guys" close to us that he can now hang with and get to know. It's hard when you have a job like his that is basically all over the country so your friends get spread out in the same manner. It will be a little bit of ab adjustment this first year as there is a lot of training he has to go through but we'll make it work, we always do! The kids get a kick out of it though and admittedly get a little saucy now that they can say their daddy is a pilot AND a fireman! I like the two uniforms myself! ;)
This year though there has already been over nine fire calls, most have been quick CO calls but today one of the kids decided they wanted to light a fire in the boys bathroom at the Middle School so made for an interesting morning as the kids were getting ready to go catch the bus and his pager goes off...I'm sure the talk at the bus stop was interesting (even though we told them not to make a big deal out of it and that it was probably just a false know kids).
We were invited to go to the Christmas party this past weekend and he was actually off se we went and got to meet all the current and retired firemen and their wives so that was nice, though I can only remeber about 5 or so names! It worked out good to as it was ourr 11th Anniversary that same night so my mom came up and hung out with the kids while we went out. We don't get to do that alot as we don't have a sitter here (and I refuse to pay to have someone watch my kids ;) and grandma is just far enough away that I wouldn't call just for a dinner date.
Now I ztill have to figure out what i want to obe when I grow up. Though I still have 2 years before my youngest is in school full-time. I know the time will fly nby and I know I don't want to go back into Insurance marketing so hmmmmm....what to do!

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